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Title: Smile Pretty For the Camera
Author: cattyhunts
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Character: Mike Knox *WWECW Wrestler* and the cast of CSI: Miami
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1:

The man lie dead in the foyer, in a pool of his own blood. His camera laying next to him, his own blood splattered on it. A young couple was walking down the street when they saw the front door of the house open, and they walked up to the house and saw the dead body. The young woman with blonde hair screamed as her boyfriend called 911.

The yellow police tape is up and Frank Tripp and Eric Delko are interviewing the neighbors as Horatio Caine and Calleigh Duquesne were in the house, searching for clues. Coroner, Alexx Woods, was kneeling next to victim, inspecting his body, and how he died.

“You got beat up pretty bad, didn’t you baby? Let’s see if we can’t find who did this to you?” Alexx told the corpse in her soft tone of voice she used when addressing all the victims she inspected.

“Do you know how his death occurred Alexx?” Horatio asked in the soft but yet business like voice.

“Horatio, this man was beat to death. And judging from the blood splatter on the camera we found by his body, I would say that is the weapon his attacker chose. Also, he hasn’t been dead very long. I would say probably an hour.”

Soon, they heard a commotion outside as Frank Tripp and several other officers were trying to restrain a fairly large man with dark hair, and bushy facial hair away from the house.

“Let me in there!!” the over six foot man yelled as he tried to push past Frank and the officers.

“Sir, you can’t go in there. The house is a crime scene. Someone has been murdered…” Frank tried to tell the hysterical man

That did not calm the man at all. It did just the opposite as he tried to push past them even harder and he was screaming “Nikkie” over and over at the top of his lungs. Horatio came out of the house to help Frank restrain the man as Calleigh and Alexx looked on from inside with concern.

“Sir…what is your name?” Caine asked in his quiet demeanor.

“Knox….” The big man was confused and hysterical and not thinking clearly. The only thing on his mind was his live in girl friend and the fact that the police officer told him there was a dead body in their home.

“Okay Mister Knox. Here’s the deal. The house is now a crime scene. A man has been found dead in your home.” Horatio stood up straight and put his hands on hips.

“H. The neighbors said that the house belongs to a Mike Knox and his live in girlfriend, Nicole Fairchild.” Eric told them as he came over from talking to several of the neighbors.

“Yes, Eric. We have that info. Meet Mister Knox. Now, the real question is, where is Ms Fairchild?” Frank Tripp asked.

“She’s….she’s not in the house? She was supposed to come pick me up at the airport. When she didn’t show up after me landing an hour ago, I took a cab home.” Knox was relieved, worried, and confused all at the same time. A person was dead in their home, and Nikkie was no where in sight.

Eric looked down at the luggage by Knox’s feet. “Going somewhere Mister Knox?”

“I just came home actually. I was overseas with the company I work at. World Wrestling Entertainment.”

Calleigh came running out of house. “H, we found more blood. In the master bathroom. We think it’s the victim’s blood. Problem is, it didn’t come from the victim. It seems there are small footprints that lead from the victim’s body, to the tub in the master bathroom. Also, a damp towel, and an empty shoebox is in the master bedroom.”

“What kind of shoebox Calleigh?”

“I’d say a ladies’ shoebox. It had purple tissue paper covering it, along with two things of white tissue paper.” Calleigh replied. “I collected the blood, the towel and the shoebox and items in it to take to the lab. Oh and I also collected a huge green bathrobe from the clothes hamper in the master bedroom, it had spots of blood on one of the sleeves. ”

Mike’s face went white. The CSI team noticed the expression on his face.

“Something you want to share with the rest of the group Mister Knox?”

“Her shoes. She calls those her ‘fierce’ shoes. I have to get into the house. And that housecoat, she wears it all the time when she‘s at the house. I have to see if Nikkie is okay. ”

The group saw them wheel the victim out of the Knox - Fairchild house on a gurney in a black body bag to be taken to the lab so that Alexx could do an autopsy.

“Is that the dead body?” Mike Knox asked, looking towards the body bag.

“Yes…it is.”

“And you’re sure it’s not a female?” Mike asked, praying silently that his head cheerleader was somewhere safe.

“Positive.” Horatio replied back.

“Mister Knox, where could Nikkie have gone, and what does she look like?” Delko asked.

Knox reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He then pulled out a photo of a petite gal with short red hair, who looked way younger than what she really was.

“May we have that? We’ll need it in order to track her down.” Eric said with his hand out.

Knox glared at him. He didn’t want to let Nikkie’s photo go to some stranger. He carried this photo with him all the time while on the road. He shook his head no and put the photo back in his wallet.

“Mister Knox. It seems your girlfriend is missing, and there is a dead body in your home. Don’t you think the two could somewhat be related?” Horatio asked him.

“Yes. I do. Why do you think I don’t want to give her photo up?” He looked back and forth from Eric to Horatio. “And I’ll be looking for Nikkie myself. I don’t need you guys accusing her of murder and scaring her any more than she probably already is. Now, I would like to go into my house. Recoup, get cleaned up, and start looking for Nicole.”

“Eric, are we done processing the scene?” Tripp asked.

Eric nodded, but he had a not so pleased look on his face as he did so.

Knox nodded at the CSI men as he picked up his black duffel bag and his suitcase and headed into his house and closed the door while Eric, Horatio, and Frank looked on, watching him from behind.

Chapter 2:

“What do we have Alexx?” Horatio asked the attractive black woman as he stood across from her, with the dead body on the examining table between them.

“It was just as I suspected Horatio. He was beat to death, with the camera we found laying by his body in the home. I even found fragments of glass from the camera lens in his skull. And of course he had severe bruising. I say he died, not just by the blunt force trauma of the camera hitting him, but he had internal bleeding as well. And see these bruises on his knuckles, it looks like he tried to block the blows, tried to defend himself. Also, I noticed down by his groin area that he had minor bruising, like he had been kicked.”

“So…whoever killed him had to be strong enough to take his own camera out of his hands and then use enough force to actually kill him with his own camera.” Horatio had his hands on his hips and had a thoughtful look on his face.

“What is it Horatio?” Alexx asked.

“It seems our Mister Knox was out of town at the time of the incident. But his girlfriend wasn’t. However, from the look we got of her in the picture that Knox showed us, she doesn’t seem to be at all big enough or strong enough to complete such a task. Not on her own anyway.”

“Some people can muster up a great deal of strength from nowhere when angered. Go into a rage and they turn into a different type person, no matter what their body may look like at first glace.”

“That is true Alexx, that is true.”

Horatio left the coroner’s and went down the hall to where Calleigh, Eric, and Ryan Wolfe were processing the evidence they got at the crime scene.

“Anything on our victim?” He asked the three of them.

“It seems his name was Walter Scott. He worked as a paparazzi slash reporter and was investigating the steroid scandal that broke earlier this month involving, get this, Mike Knox.”

“So…Mister Knox has a steroid charge hanging over his head. Interesting.”

“Actually H, Knox was cleared of that. The Tampa Police and World Wrestling Entertainment both believed him to be innocent. However, they are looking towards his two friends who lived with him in the house that he had in Tampa at the time, Derrik Neikirk and Ryan O’Reilly. Both of them had previously been suspended by the World Wrestling Entertainment for steroid use.”

“But let me guess, Knox never was.” Horatio said, almost finishing their oral report for them.

“Exactly.” Calleigh replied.

“Oh and get this, the girlfriend, she lived with them at the time.” Eric reported.

“I see, one big happy family.”

“And now it seems the family is falling apart. The other two were released, Knox is now getting a push it seems…” Ryan said.

“And now Miss Nicole has run off.” Horatio said, finishing Ryan’s thought.

“And we have bad news H. We took fingerprints off the camera that the vic was killed with. We got nothing. Only his prints, and that’s because the camera was his. And I check the fingerprints from the camera against the fingerprints we got off the shoe box, and they didn‘t match. Actually the shoe box prints didn‘t show up as belonging to anyone either.” Calleigh said, frowning. “So that means that the person who killed him is not in AFIS.”

“People, this means we now have not one, but three individuals to find. Neikirk, O’Reilly…” Horatio said.

“And of course the girlfriend.” Eric replied, cutting Horatio off.

Horatio nodded, almost smiling at the fact that his team could read his mind and finish his sentences for him.

“And seeing how Mister Knox knows all three parties very well, I say we go back and pay him a visit.” Horatio told his team. “Calleigh, you come with me. Eric and Ryan, keep working on the other evidence we have.”

Chapter 3:

Horatio and Calleigh pulled up to the Knox - Fairchild house in the big grey Hummer. Horatio put on his shades after stepping out of the vehicle.

They rang the doorbell and was greeted with a panicked, but yet haggard looking Mike Knox. He had on a pair of jeans and a brown and white tie died t-shirt that had a big 7 on the front of it.

“You found Nikkie?” he asked, not even offering the two of them a proper greeting.

“No, I’m sorry. We haven’t yet…” Calleigh told the large man, giving him a sympathetic look.

“Then why are you here? You should be out looking for her. I can’t locate her anywhere. I’ve tried calling her cell. No answer. I tried her friends. I’ve called her favorite shops. I’ve checked the hospitals, airports, everything. Please, just find Nikkie!” He was almost pleading with the two by now.

“Mister Knox, do you know a Derrik Neikirk and a Ryan O’Reilly?” Horatio asked quietly.

“Well, of course, they are my closest friends. Derrik is like a brother to me even. I’ve known him since our indy days in Arizona. Why?”

“Well, it seems the person that was dead in your home was investigating the steroid scandal that involved you and them earlier this month…”

“Look, I was cleared of that.” Knox said, holding up both his hands in front of him.

“We know that. However, it seems they are being looked into for that…” Horatio replied.

“Okay? And?”

“And the person who was killed here earlier today was beat to death with his own camera. Now the person who did the beating had to be strong enough not only to take his own camera from him but kill him with it as well. And from the photo you showed us of Ms. Fairchild, she couldn’t have done it. At least not on her own.” Horatio said, while removing his shades.

“Wait. Wait…are you saying my friends, and possibly my girl friend, are murders? Is that what you came here to tell me?”

“No, we just want to know how to locate them, so we can ask them some questions. And while we’re asking questions Mister Knox, where were you at the time of murder?”

“You know where I was! I told you people I was at the airport. Hell, that bald guy that’s with you saw me arrive home in a cab!”

“Yes, but how do we know you didn’t kill Mister Scott, pack some bags, then ride around in a cab for a few minutes to give yourself a hint of possibly having an alibi?” Horatio asked the larger man, giving him a questioning look.

Mike looked from Calleigh to Horatio in surprise and disgust. “You people are impossible! You can’t possibly be serious? My girlfriend is missing, a stranger died in my home, and now you come here accusing me and my friends?! Get out of my house.”

“Oh we will Mister Knox. But not till after Calleigh here takes your finger prints.”

“Are you joking? Don’t you realize that my prints will be all over every part of this house? I live here!” Knox was livid.

“Hold out your hands please.” Calleigh said very calmly, ignoring Knox’s outburst.

He gave both Horatio and Calleigh a look as he held both his hands out for the blonde CSI to get his prints.

“This is harassment. Nikkie is missing. You should be out looking for her instead of asking me ridiculous questions and making insane accusations.”

“There we go, all done. Now that wasn’t so painful, was it?” Calleigh said as she gave him a tight smile before going over and putting his prints in the silver evidence kit box she carried with her to crime scenes.

Knox gave the duo an angry look as he wiped the printing ink off his fingers and grunted in anger.

Horatio put his shades back on as Calleigh picked up her evidence box. Horatio gave Mike a firm nod and a slight smile before the two CSI members found their way to the front door. Calleigh stopped and turned towards Knox.

“Mister Knox, do you have a photo of the shoes that belong to your girlfriend?” she asked him politely, but yet business like.

He gave the two of them a confused look. “Why do you want a photo of her shoes?”

“Well, you see sir, if we had a photo of them, we would know what we are looking for and therefore have some clue on what to go on in order to look for Nikkie better.” Calleigh told him.

Mike stroked his bushy beard, before disappearing to the computer room, and pulling up the My Photos album of the computer. He scrolled through the batch of photos on his comp, till he found the picture of the shoes that were on EBay the night Nikkie won them. He printed the photo out and handed it to Calleigh.

“If this helps you find her…”

“When was that one taken?” Horatio asked, pointing to a photo of the two of them in the My Photos album.

“Uhhh…a couple weeks ago. Before I went on the European Tour for WWE.”

“Mind printing it out?” Horatio asked him, more or less implying to the larger man that his request was more of a statement than it was a question.

Knox pulled up the picture of him and his girlfriend, and printed it out as well. He then handed to the red headed detective.

“Thank you. Now maybe we will make some progress on who killed William Scott and find your girlfriend.”

They took the photos, gave Knox a smile and a nod and headed out of the house and back to the CSI lab.

Chapter 4:

Horatio and Calleigh walked into the crime lab, and Horatio’s beeper went off, he looked at it, and excused him from the group of Calleigh, Eric, and Ryan. He made his way to the DNA testing section of the lab where he found Natalia Boa Vista behind a table with many devices and instruments in front of her.

“You have something for me Natalia?”

“Yes and no, Horatio. Okay, I did DNA testing on both the towel and the green fluffy robe we found at the house. There were two sets of DNA on both items. The blood DNA from both the towel and the robe came from our victim, Mister Scott. The other DNA however, did not come from our victim, nor did they show up in CODIS. But I did find out something on the second DNA. The second set of DNA from both the towel and the house robe were from the same person…”

“And the DNA was female.”

“Yes. How did you know I was going to say that?”

“Because Natalia, we have a missing female in this case. One that that certain robe and towel belongs to.” he said to her before strolling out of the DNA lab to see what the rest of his team has been working on.

“H. We came up with something.” Eric said, looking up from photos and a tablet of hand written notes in front of him.

“What did you find Eric?”

“Well, we took a measurement of the bloody footprints Calleigh found in the house that lead from the vic’s body to the master bathroom. They are a women’s size five in a half foot.”

“And let me guess. The shoes Ms Fairchild owns are the exact same size.”

Eric looked at his team leader, and gave him a smile and a nod.

“Boss, I’ve got news.” Ryan Wolfe said as he walked into the evidence room, looking in the direction of Horatio and Delko, but more or less addressing the redhead.

Horatio stood up straight, put his hands on his hips and looked at the young CSI: “Tell me Eric, what is it you have?”

“Well, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad news. But according to the World Wrestling Entertainment, the airline, and the cab company, Mike Knox has a solid alibi. The cabbie who picked him up at the airport even remembers Mister Knox. Seeing how he’s never had anything of a celebrity in his cab before.”

“Well, that eliminates one out of our four suspects. I think it’s time we all group together and share what we know. Everyone in my office in five.”

The team sat around Horatio’s office. Horatio had taken off his black sport coat, and it draped against the back of his chair. Calleigh, Eric, and Ryan all sat on the large burgundy couch that was across from Caine’s desk, and Alexx and Natalia sat in chairs on opposite sides of the room.

“Okay…here is what we know. Mister Scott died around eleven am. Mister Knox arrived home from the airport somewhere between twelve and twelve thirty. Now my question is, what happened right before and right after Mister Scott died.”

“And how does the disappearance of Ms. Fairchild play into all this…” Eric concluded.

“Exactly.” Horatio said thoughtfully.

Calleigh raised her hand. “I have a theory of how the crime might have been committed, and how it ties into Nikkie.”

Horatio and the others looked at her, waiting for her to continue with her thoughts.

“Well, Ms. Fairchild’s in the shower getting ready to go to the airport. The doorbell rings. She puts on her housecoat to go answer it. Mister Scott is there, asking questions about the steroid scandal. Questions she either doesn’t have time for or just doesn’t want to answer. She tries telling him this over and over. He won’t seem to take the hint. So, she goes into a rage. The last thing she wants is for some reporter to start digging up shit that has been buried and done with. She kicks him in the groin. Then, mustering some strength from deep in side herself, she grabs the camera from around his neck, pulls it off of him, and starts wailing him with it. She finally realizes, from seeing all the blood, that the man is dead. She also realizes that’s she now not strong enough to drag him to a place where the body can’t found. She sees that she is standing in his blood and that is it now on the bottom of her feet. If she loves her shoes they way Knox made it seem, than she would not want to get blood on them. She goes back into the bathroom, and rinses her feet off in the tub. After that, she takes the same towel she dried off with earlier, to dry her feet off. She also has seen at this point that she has blood on her housecoat. She removes it and puts it in the laundry hamper. She gets dressed, including her favorite shoes, and leaves the house to escape what she had done.”

“That sounds good Calleigh, except for a few things.” Eric said.

“Which are?”

“Well for one, the only fingerprints that were on the weapon were the victim’s prints. And both cars were in the garage when we got to the house. Also, how would she get out? If she left through the front door, she would have stepped in the victim’s blood, and the only foot prints we found at the crime scene were her bare feet, not heeled shoes. And the front door was the only door that was open. Not to mention, there was no signs of forced entry or exit.” Eric replied, looking over at his blonde co-worker.

“Also, if she left in time, why not go to the airport to pick up Mike? She had to be getting ready to do that before the crime occurred. Why not just follow through with that plan?” Natalia asked.

“Would you want to take your boyfriend back home with a dead body lying in the doorway? That’d be like ‘Oh hi honey, welcome home. By the way, can you help me hide the body I killed before I came to get you?’” Ryan replied back to the female DNA analyst.

“People, we don’t have solid proof that it was actually Ms. Fairchild who did the deed.” Horatio told his team. “For one thing, look at her size. She’s probably about eighty pounds, soaking wet. IF she did do this, she didn’t do it alone.”

“But Knox couldn’t have helped her, as she had an air tight alibi.”

“That’s why Mister Delko, we have to locate both one Derrik Neikirk and one Ryan O’Reilly and ask them some questions. Cause I have a strange feeling that either one of them or both of them know something about the murder of Mister Scott and the disappearance of Ms. Fairchild.”



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