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May. 2nd, 2008

Title: Smile Pretty For the Camera
Author: cattyhunts
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Character: Mike Knox *WWECW Wrestler* and the cast of CSI: Miami
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 5:

Horatio waked out of the crime lab into the Miami heat and his cell phone went off. He pulled the device off his belt buckle and answered at as he headed towards the Hummer parked in the lot.


“Horatio, she’s been located.” Detective Yelina Salas-Caine said. Horatio smiled at the sound of his sister in law’s voice on the other end of his cell phone.

“Ms. Fairchild?”



“At a Bulldog‘s Barbeque. The owner, Howie Kleinberg said she was disoriented, and confused. .”

“And where is she now Yelina?”

“The restaurant called the EMT’s and she’s at the hospital right now Horatio,”

“I’ll grab Eric, and we’ll be on our way there. In the meantime, would you contact one Mister Mike Knox and tell him that we’ve located his missing girlfriend. Thank you Yelina.”

“That’s already been done Horatio. Apparently, in her condition, the only thing she kept muttering over and over was his name, according to Mister Kleinberg.”

Horatio walked back into the Crime Lab and into the evidence area, where Eric was once again looking over photos of the bare foot prints found at the crime scene.

“Eric,” Horatio said in the doorway, standing tall with his hands on his hips.

The dark haired CSI looked up at his boss. He could tell by Caine’s stance and demeanor that something important in the case had come up.

“What’s up H?”

“Guess who’s turned up?”

Delko had a quizzical look on his face. Twenty questions was a game he was not quite good at nor was he used to Horatio playing them. He shook his head as he replied to his boss. “Who?”

“Ms. Fairchild. It seems she’s been rushed to the hospital after aimlessly wandering into a local restaurant. Grab your gear. You and I are paying her a visit.”

“Should we take Calleigh? I mean…if there is female trauma, we might not be the ones she feels comfortable talking to.”

“Good idea Eric. I want the two of you to meet me in the parking lot next to the Hummer.” Horatio told the younger man as he put his shades back on and walked back out of the building.

Nicole Fairchild awoke in a hospital bed. Her sight was a tad blurry from the Ativan that was administered to her upon her arrival. Through her foggy sight, she could make out that her live in boyfriend seated in a chair next to her bed, holding her right hand in between his two large hands. She tried to shake the cobwebs from her head. She then saw an attractive woman with long blonde hair, a man with red hair, and black sport coat on, and a concerned look on his face, and what she though to be an Hispanic man all at the foot of her hospital bed. Her eyes went downward to her feet. She had hospital footies on her feet, not her purple shoes. Her fierce shoes.

She let out a startled noise and shot up so that she was in sitting up right position. The three people at the foot of her bed, along with Mike Knox, all had a shocked and at the same time concerned look on their faces at her sudden knee jerk reaction to waking up.

“Baby? Nikkie…baby? You alright?” Knox was now out of his seat, and had both of his hands on each of her arms, which were at her sides.

She pointed to her feet, whimpering and breathing heavy, in a state of panic. She threw her covers off of herself, exposing her legs and feet. She continued to stare at them, pointing, her eyes wide.

“Baby. Nikkie. What…is…wrong?” Knox asked slowly, concern etching his face, not even paying attention to the CSI team in the room.

“Miss Fairchild, is everything okay?” Horatio asked her in a slow, soft, concerned voice.

“They’re gone!!! My shoes!! They’ve been stolen!! Mike…my shoes are gone! Where are my fierce shoes?!”

Eric stifled a laugh as he put on his rubber gloves. He had a slightly amused look on his face. Here this lady was, missing for three days, returned disoriented and needing medical care, and all she cares about when she awakes is her shoes. He could tell they had a material girl on their hands that day.

“Shhhh, baby, just lie back.” Knox told her as he brushed her hair off her forehead repeatedly while she slowly began to lie back down.

“My shoes are gone Mike. My purple shoes…” Nikkie said.

“We have them Ms. Fairchild.” Eric told her with a nod of his head.

“I want them. They’re mine. No one told y’all that y’all could have my shoes.” She narrowed her eyes at the three people at the foot of her bed. She then turned and looked at the wrestler, who was at her bedside. “Mike, they have my shoes, make them give them back to me.”

“Ma’am, they belong to us now. Only for a little while. They are evidence.” Eric told her.

“One. Don’t call me ma’am. I’m thirty four, not eighty. Two. They are not yours. They are mine. I bought them. EBay. Thirty bucks.” She replied to him, beaming at her last sentence. Proud of her good deal that she got on an extremely expensive and high end brand of shoes.

“Miss. The day you disappeared, a man died in your home. We have photos of bloody footprints leading from his body to your bathroom. Your footprints.” Horatio Caine said in a soft, but yet commanding tone. “So, until we can clear this matter up, we need to take your shoes and examine them.”

Nikkie looked past the two men and in Calleigh’s direction. She figured that maybe trying to reason with the blonde woman would be her best chance. “I will get them back? Right? Shoes like that don’t come along every often. Especially at that price. I mean, BCBG! For thirty bucks!”

Calleigh gave the petite red head a soft smile. Sure, it seemed the other woman’s priorities were a bit construed, but she was going to do her best to calm her of the situation. “Yes, we will return them to you when we are done with this case. I promise.”

Nikkie gave Calleigh another pleading look. “You won’t let them damaged, ruined, or dirty, right? And I have a box with tissue paper at home that I keep them in when I’m not wearing them. Mike, you have to give them that box with the tissue paper. I don’t want my shoes to get ruined. .”

“We have the box and tissue paper already.” Eric told her.

“And y’all will wrap them up and put in the box right when are done with them? Where are they now? You didn’t remove them from the hospital already did you?”

Eric, wearing gloves, had been bagging up the clothes Nikkie had worn looked at her. “No, we have them right here.” He held up a clear bag that held her shoes and had EVIDENCE written across the bag.

She held her arms out and made grabby motions with her hands. “Can I please have them?”

Horatio gave Eric a small nod. They had to stay to ask her some questions anyway.

Delko leaned over and handed her the clear bag with her shoes in it. “Don’t remove them from the bag.” he told her as he handed them to her.

She laid the bag on her lap gingerly and started smoothing the top of it out with her hands, looking down at her so called fierce shoes all the while.

“Ms Fairchild. If I may, I have some questions I wish to ask you about the events that took place right before you disappeared three days ago.” Horatio said in his quiet tone as he sat down on the edge of the side of the bed.

Nikkie tore her gaze away from the shoes and looked at him with a questioning gaze. “Huh?”

“Nicole. A man was murdered in your home. Do you know anything about that, and more importantly right now, where you disappeared to after the murder occurred?”

She looked from Horatio to Mike, almost as if she was trying to get a signal from him.

“It’s okay baby. Just tell these folks here what you know.” Knox told her as he gently rubber her arm.

Horatio noticed a bruises on both her arms.

“Ms Fairchild. How did you get those? If I may…” he gently picked up her left arm and began looking more closely at the marks.

“I…it happened a couple days ago.”

“Eric, do you see these?” the lead CSI asked the younger man.

“Yeah, I do H. Don’t worry, I have the camera.”

Delko pulled out the camera, and began photographing the various bruises on the thin arms of Nicole.

“H, when she pulled back the covers earlier a few minutes ago, I think I saw some bruises on her legs as well.” Calleigh said.

Horatio stood up and looked at her. “Would you mind?”

She nodded. She was feeling cold and vulnerable, and the last thing she wanted or needed was for a bunch of completed strangers pulling back her covers and photographing her unnaturally thin body. She pulled the top of the covers up around her neck and had a death grip on them.

“Sweetie, let them do this. The more we cooperate, the sooner they solve all of this, and the sooner we can put this behind us.”

“And the sooner you get your shoes.” Calleigh added, knowing that that would be the trick.

Nikkie nodded yes at Horatio, allowing him to pull down her covers so that Eric could photograph her injuries.

“Now, Ms Fairchild. How did this all occur?” Horatio asked gently.

“I…I don’t know.” the petite redhead said softly, looking down at her lap.

Horatio tilted his head and gave her a look. “What do you mean you don’t remember?”

“I mean on minute I’m getting going down the hall to my bedroom, the next, I’m…I don’t know where.”

“Why don’t we start at the beginning?” Horatio asked her in a calming voice.

“Well, I got up that morning around nine thirty. I don’t have an alarm clock, so my cell phone was my alarm. I had set my phone the night before. Well, anyway, I got up and I went into the adjoining bathroom and grabbed my housecoat off the back of the bathroom door. We have a hook on our bathroom door and it was hanging on it and such. So like, I grabbed my housecoat, and put it on. Then I like wanted some coffee, so I left the bedroom, went down our long hall, through our living room and into the kitchen. I then put some Chocolate Raspberry flavored coffee into the coffee pot, filled it with water, and turned it on. I then went back to the bedroom and went into my underwear drawer. I grabbed my pink Victoria’s Secret boy shorts that have writing and hears and doggies on them, and went back into the bathroom that is connected to the bedroom and took a shower. Mike loves those panties on me the best.“

She held up one finger, as if telling everyone to hold that thought, and pulled the covers up and took a peek to see if she still had them on. She looked over at Knox and gave him a grin. “Baby, I still have them on.”

Knox chuckled lightly. “That‘s good sweetie. Please, just continue telling the cops what happened that day, okay? I‘m sure these nice people have better things to do then hear about how I like your underwear.”

She gave him as if look like a light bulb went off in her head, and turned her attention back to Horatio.

“After I got out of the shower, I went to the sink, washed and moisturized my face with my MAC Lightful daily moisturizer. Oh my god, my face feels so soft when I use that. Like baby soft. Like I love to touch my face all day when I use it. I haven‘t been able to use it since being held captive, so god knows how my face feels today….” she saw the semi impatient looks Eric was giving her as she rambled on about her moisturizer and decided to leave her beauty talk for another time. Plus the drugs the nurse gave her earlier were beginning to kick in and she was feeling a bit drowsy. “So anyway, after washing and moisturizing my face, I left the bedroom completely and went back into the kitchen. I got a mug out of the cabinet, and I poured some of the coffee in it. I then went to the pantry, got out the Marshmallow Crème and put a couple of spoonfuls of that in my coffee. I then took the coffee back to the bedroom with me to drink while I got ready. My ears were bored, so I went into the computer room and got my iPod off of it’s base and my earphones that were laying beside it. So I went back into the bedroom, got my purple button down blouse out of the closet and a pair of black jeans out of the dresser.”

Eric held up a plastic bag. It contained her blouse and jeans. “Are these them Miss?”

“Yes, those are the clothes I wore that day. And it’s Ms. Not Miss. I hate being called Miss. I hate Ma‘am. I hate Miss, and I‘m not yet a Missus.” she said that last part while casting a sharp look at Knox.

“Okay, so I went over to my vanity, put my earphones in my ears, turned on my iPod, and then began applying my Bare Minerals. After I got my Bare Minerals on my face, I then went over the door of the bedroom, where my black purse was hanging up. I reached in my purse, and pulled out my big ass make up bag. Went back over to my vanity, and began putting on my MAC eye shadows. The purple shades. I looked and saw that my mug was empty, and went to get more coffee. As I was passing through the living room, I happened to look out of the corner of my eye. That’s when I saw him.”

“Saw who?” Horatio asked.

“The dead guy. Only I didn’t know he was dead at that moment. I put my coffee mug down, and went over the body. Yes, I did touch him, but just to see if he was dead or alive. I went over to the body, he was laying on face down, with this head turned to the side, and shook him gently on the shoulder. When he didn’t respond, that’s when I saw the blood, and that I had gotten I it. I then saw that it was not just on my feet, but the cuff of the sleeve of my housecoat as well. I went back to the master bathroom where I had taken my shower. I went over to where the tub was, took off my housecoat, turned on the water, stood in the tub for a bit to get my feet rinsed off. I then got out of the tub, grabbed the towel I used to dry off with after shower and dried my feet back off. I grabbed my housecoat, and put it in the hamper to wash with Mike’s clothes later on sometime after I would bring him home from the airport. I went over to the bed where my blouse and jeans were and put those on. I had a shoebox on the bed with my fierce shoes in them. I put those on and then I went to grab my cell to call 911 and Mike.”

“911 never got a phone call.” Eric stated.

“I know, it was then, as I had the phone in my hands, that I felt something hit me in the back of my head. I blacked out right then and there. When I came to, I was tied to a chair, blind folded and gagged.”

Calleigh was jotting down everything the other woman was saying. It seems odd that a murder happened and she didn’t hear anything.

“So, you didn’t let this guy in the house?” She asked the petite gal in the hospital.

“No, I’ve never seen him a day in my life. Only time I ever saw him was the day I saw him laying in the floor of my entrance way.”

“Did the doorbell ring at all?”

“I don’t know. Like I said, I had my iPod on. Usually when I have that on, I can’t hear anything.”

“So, a man enters your home, gets beat to death with his own camera, and you don’t hear any of it?” Horatio asked, not sure he believes her story or not.

“Listen. I’m telling the truth. I don’t know anything about this murder.” She gave Knox a pleading look for help.

“Well, there was no signs of forced entry. So somebody at to let him in.” Calleigh stated. “And since you seem to be the only one home at the time of the incident…”

“Were you alone?” Eric asked her.

Nikkie furrowed her brow at Eric’s question.

“What do you mean by that?” She answered him with a question of her own.

“Well, Mister Knox here is usually gone what, months at a time. And I’m sure you get very lonely..”

“Now wait a damn minute!” Knox was out of seat he was sitting and was glaring at Delko, his nostrils flaring.

“Calm down Mister Knox…” Horatio said in a quiet, but yet commanding tone.

“Like hell I’ll calm down! He just accused Nikkie of screwing around behind my back when I’m away. What the hell does he know about our relationship and what Nikkie is like? Who does he think he is asking her a question like that?”

“It’s a routine question in an investigation like this.” Eric explained.

“Routine my ass!”

“Baby…baby. It’s okay. I’ll answer Mister Nosey’s question, even though it is none of his business.”

“It is our business now Nicole.” Horatio interrupted.

She gave the red headed CSI a look before turning her attention to Eric and giving him a smirk. “I hate to disappoint you, but I was home alone that morning. Just like I am every morning when Mike is out of town. Normally it doesn‘t matter cause I don‘t get up till well after noon, if I please. Again, I don‘t know how this individual got past my front door, especially seeing how it was not done by me.” She made a face and gave him a shrug. “Now if you don’t mind, I feel beyond insulted and the drugs are making me sleepy.” She laid down on her side and started to close her eyes, still having her bagged up shoes in her hands.

“Just a couple more questions, Miss Fairchild. Then we will be done, I promise.”

She let out a whine and gave them a look. She was tired, she was getting cranky, and as far as she was concerned the dark haired one owed her an apology.

“Can’t you let her be? She’s been through enough these past through days. Whatever it was she’s been through. Let her get some rest and come back tomorrow or something.” Knox told Horatio.

Horatio gave the couple a look as he put his hands on his hips. “Fine. But one last question to you then, Mister Knox. Does anyone, besides the two of you, have a key to your house?”

Knox nodded. “My two friends, Derrik Neikirk and Ryan O’Reilly. They take turns watching the times when Nikkie gets few times to come with me on the trips.”

As Mike was answering the question, Delko was having a mini tug of war with Nikkie, trying to get the shoes out of her grip.

“You’ll get them back. I promised, remember?” Calleigh told Nikkie from the foot of the bed.

Nikkie looked at Calleigh from over left shoulder as she continued to lay on her right side. She then reluctantly let go of the evidence bag. Eric collected the bags with Nikkie’s clothing and shoes, and the CSI team left her hospital room as Nikkie closed her eyes and tried to get some rest.



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