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May. 25th, 2008

Title: Smile Pretty For the Camera
Author: cattyhunts
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Character: Mike Knox *WWECW Wrestler* and the cast of CSI: Miami
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 6:
Horatio Caine and Frank Tripp arrived outside of Derrik Neikirk’s apartment. Horatio put his shades on as they approached the building. Tripp rank the doorbell. A man who looked like he could have been somewhat of a body builder with dark hair that had blonde highlights in it, answered the door. Neikirk was bare-chested and was wearing a pair of jeans. The man had a recent scratch mark on his right cheek.

“Are you Derrik Neikirk?” Tripp asked.

“And what if I am?”

Both Horatio and Tripp flashed their badges at Derrik.

“Miami Daude police. We have a few questions to ask you.” Frank Tripp replied.


“About the fact that a man died in your best friend’s house three days ago, and his missing girlfriend just now turned up.”

“They found Nikkie?”

“So you knew she went missing?” Frank asked.

“Of course I knew. Mike is like a brother to me. He called up hysterical three days ago. Yes, he was upset about the fact that a stranger had been murdered in his home, but he was more upset that Nikkie had disappeared. Let me guess, she was found at the mall, maxing out her credit cards on MAC make up?”

“No, she was found, Mister Neikirk, wandering around in a restaurant, muttering incoherently before passing out. She had to be rushed to the hospital, due to starvation, malnutrition, and dehydration. She appears to have been abducted, Mister Neikirk. Not running away.”

“Well, the malnutrition does not surprise me, and nor does it mean Nikkie was taken from her home. Did you get a good look at her? At how thin she is. She prides herself on that officer. She likes to be called ‘Skinny Bitch’ at times. She even has a t-shirt that says it. The same exact one Lindsay Lohan has. Again, none of what you described to me does not mean Nikkie pulled this little stunt to freak out and worry poor Mike.”

“And why, Mister Neikirk, would she do that?” Horatio asked him slowly.

“I don’t know. Go ask Nicole. Look, I was just about to head on my way out. Now if you don’t mind…”

“Oh but we do mind. You see Derrik, we know you have a key to Mike and Nikkie’s house. “

“And? Like I said, he’s like a brother to me. Of course I have a key to his house. And he has a key to mine. It proves nothing.”

“It proves that you can go in and out of their whenever you want. That is what it proves Mister Neikirk.”

“But I don’t. I usually call ahead of time, just to see if Mike is home.”

“So…you’ve never been over with Nikkie at all when Mike is out of town?” Frank Tripp asked.

“No way. Nikkie would have none of that even. Nikkie is beyond highly loyal and devoted to Mike. Those two are madly in love…”

“But you just said that she probably ran off these past three days just to worry Mike? So which is it, is she loyal or not?”

Derrik just looked at the two investigators and shrugged.

“And if she did run off, like you say Mister Neikirk, then she probably killed that reporter too?” Horatio gave Derrik one of his half smiles.

“Maybe, who knows?”

“Did you know what he was reporting on Derrik? He was snooping around at that steroids case. Yeah, the one that involves you.” Tripp said.

“And? Mike was involved in that as well.”

“And Mister Knox was cleared in all of that…you however, weren’t.” Horatio retorted.

Derrik made a face and then looked at the two men. “Listen, I’m busy, I have things to do.”

Horatio and Tripp noticed the huge scratch mark on Derrik’s right cheek.

“That looks like a nasty mark there Derrik, how did you get that?”

Derrik touched the scratch mark on his face. “My mother’s cat did that to me yesterday.”

“Your mother, Mister Neikirk, lives in Arizona. Care to try again to telling how you got that?” Horatio looked at Derrik from over his shoulder.

“And the truth this time.” Tripp added.

“Derrik, do you know the code to the alarm systerm to Mike’s house?”

“Of course why?”

“And you’ve had to use it before right?”

“Only when both him and Nikkie are out of town.”

“So Mister Neikirk, you’ve never had to disarm the alarm system when Ms Fairchild is home alone?”

“First off, I told you, I would never go over when Nikkie had the house to herself. Secondly, IF I ever did, I would not have to shut off the alarm system.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Nikkie never used it.”

“Wait, do you mean to tell us that a woman of her size stays by herself and not turn on the alarm system?’

“Let’s just say Nikkie isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. And numbers confuse her.”

“Can we get a sample of your DNA?”

“No. I know my rights. Now you have to leave.”

Frank and Horatio walked back out of Derrik’s house and Horatio put his shades on his way to the Hummer.

“Do you believe him?” Frank asked.

“Not a word Frank. Not a word.” Horatio replied.


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