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Title: Smile Pretty For the Camera
Author: cattyhunts
Category: Crossover
Pairing/Character: Mike Knox *WWECW Wrestler* and the cast of CSI: Miami
Rating: PG-13

Chapter 7:

Maxine Valera was in the DNA lab at the Miami Daude police station in a white lab coat, a pink top, and black pants. Horatio Caine walks in.

“Please tell me you have some good news for me.”

“Not exactly Horatio. While I did manage to get some DNA from what was collected under the female victim’s fingernails. I couldn’t pinpoint it down to a single individual. Just that the DNA sample was from a male.”

“See if you can’t dig up Derrik Neikirk’s DNA on CODIS. He was involved in a steroid scandal earlier this month. World Wrestling Federation would have taken some kind of test, no?

“True. But most, if not all, drug testing is done by a urine sample, not a blood one.”

Horatio rubbed his brow with his thumb and fingers, trying to figure out how to link the DNA under the female victim’s nails to whoever possibly did this to her.

Eric Delko came walking into the DNA lab, looking for Horatio, “H. I found something in the photos of Ms Fairchild’s bruises.”

Caine cave his CSI a quizzical look. “Oh?”

“Yeah. Puncture marks like from a needle. So I called the hospital to see if they ran a tox screen when she was admitted…”

“And they did…”

“Yes. And it came up positive for PCP and Ecstasy.”

“And have you asked Ms. Fairchild whether or not she does those drugs, Eric?”

“Not yet. Calleigh and I were going to go to the hospital as soon as Natalia got the DNA off the shoes and cleans the blood off.”

Just at the moment, Calleigh appears, carrying a shoebox that has light purple tissue paper tucked in at the top of it. She smiled at Eric and Horatio. “Well, who’s ready to go return these babies to the person they belong to?”

“And ask her about the drugs found in her system, and how they got there.” Delko added.

Chapter 8:

Horatio was about to leave for the hospital when Ryan Wolfe stopped him in the hall.

“I found some new information, that might or might not be of help.”

Horatio turned his head slightly at the younger man and gave him a soft smile. “I’m listening.”

“It seems that Ms. Fairchild has a thing for professional wrestlers. According to the info I collected, Mike Knox is not the first wrestler she dated. And definitely not the first one down here in Florida.”

“Oh?” Horatio, with his hands on his hips, turned his body so that he was looking directly at Ryan,

Ryan opened up the folder he was looking at and read the information from a piece of paper he had paper clipped to the top of the folder.

“It seems he previously dated a Chris Harris, who worked down here in Florida. In a company called TNA, which stands for Total Nonstop Action.”

“Go on…”

“It seems that the relationship between Ms. Fairchild and Harris went south, and the two of them broke up. But it got nasty after that. Ms. Fairchild’s mail got stolen a couple times, and her tires had been slashed. He had been giving her harassing phone calls and it got to the point where she took out a restraining order on her former boyfriend.”

“Is it still in place?”

“It is, but here is where the story gets real interesting. It seems that Harris, sometime in the past year, has left TNA. He is now with, get this, World Wrestling Entertainment. And he is in their developmental federation, Florida Championship Wrestling.”

“Where both Neikirk and O’Reilly were till a few weeks ago…”

“Exactly. And according to inside sources, Mister Harris is getting call up to one of the three WWE rosters….”

“Let me guess, the one our Mister Knox is on.”

Ryan nodded at his boss.

“Tell me, the time between Mister Harris and Mister Knox, was there anyone in the picture?”

Ryan read the contents of the folder in silence for a minute before nodding. “Yes, a James Storm. Who, get this, while in TNA was Harris’s tag team partner for a couple years.”

“And that ended how?”

“I guess on good terms. There seems to be no info about a retraining order or anything of that nature.”

“So Mister Harris, upon leaving TNA, goes to WWE and begins working in the same place as Mister Neikirk and Mister O’Reilly.”

“So it seems.”

Horatio tilted his head up towards the sky and stared at it as if he was concentrating on something. Ryan looked at him curiously.


“Ryan, do me a favor. Find out all you can about how much contact Harris had with Neikirk and O’Reilly both in…and out of the ring. I have a feeling that the three of them planned this.”

“But why?”

“That…is what we are going to find out.”

Seeing Eric and Calleigh standing near the door, ready to go to the hospital, Horatio put on his shades and headed in their direction.


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